All this ist possible

Indirect lighting

Single-colour (white, red or blue) controlled and dimmed by a touch of the chrome inlay, dispensing with the need for a remote control. Further colours are available on request. A remote control is included in the light-chain with changing colours package.

Fabric covered fronts

Swivel column with TV bracket

Chrome column; TV can be swivelled manually to 45° each side (for TVs of max. 60° and max. 55kg)

Swivel column with TV bracket, electrical operation
Column in chromium finish; controllable by remote control; TV has a swivel range of 45° on each side; safety catch prevents further movement when the screen hits a hindrance (for screens up to max. 60“ and a weight of max. 55 kg)

Getting a grip

01. High quality Touch-In finger-pulls
Chrome gloss (Standard if others are not specifically requested)
02. Clear, reduced lines: The railing pull-handle.
Chrome gloss product code 64961
03. Modern appearance guaranteed: Fitted designer handles.
Chrome gloss product code 64962
04. Noble, demonstratively reserved:
The handle- strip. Chrome gloss
(Standard with fabric-covered models) product code 64963

Chameleon-like qualities full of ideas


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