According to their individual ideas

Schnepel had a lot of success with the furniture lines S1, X-Linie, ELF-Linie and VariC. To offer much more individuality and service to the customer, we are manufacturing special made furniture for the customer.

1. Draw your own sketch

2. Consultation & order via specialized dealer

Once the dealer has taken the time to help design, pass this to us and we will complete your designs.

3. Production & mounting in our factory

4. Delivery of you dream furniture after appr. 5 weeks

The time has come. After 6 weeks the Schnepel furniture will arrive with you.  Enjoy your personal designed furniture in your living room and see the combination of style and technology in perfect harmony.

Arguments, which speak for Schnepel


Handelsagentur Lars Schnepel UG
Zum Vorwerk 45
D-32609 Hüllhorst

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